maybe the last


This may just be my last outfit post. As you can see from the explanation as to why is not necessary :(  *cue yawn of boredom*

headband: random
clutch: Ardene (old)
top: H&M
harem pants: Zara (old)
shoes: Aldo (old)


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10 Responses to “maybe the last”

Melrose said...

you really do have that lovely glow about you that pregnant women get.
and I could never grow bored of your posts!

Alana said...

Perhaps you could do some posts on makeup or accessories while your waiting for the baby! Then we get to see original pictures but you don't need to come up with a new outfit!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are soo cute! I am searching for kitten heels myself! Your outfit is lovely! & I love the way your stomach looks!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

You look radiant in this picture! I was going to say the same thing as the above comments.. such a glow! If there is a product you're using please share :) but it's probably just a mommy-to-be glow.

Francesca said...

love the turban! great accents


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Marie a la Mode said...

Are you wearing makeup or is that just Lena's Pregnant Glow? Whatever it is you look gorgeous!

Anh said...

You're so gorgeous!


Emy said...

Gorgeous! You can't stop!!


libys11 said...

you are so so lovely!!! :D

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Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

yeah, i'm so not bored yet :)

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