where have u been?


No, I have not given birth yet!!
Reasons why I have not posted lately:

  • We've been in the middle of painting our entire house. What a bordello! It's now all painted but we're working on the decor. Picture frames, flowers, curtains, etc. Very time consuming especially when you have absolutely no clue about interior design.
  • The weather is just absolutely horrible for outdoor shots. It's FRIGGIN cold!!!!
  • I don't fit into anything anymore. My outfits, as you can see below, are just repetitive and awful. But...I'm not losing my battle with maternity wear. Just 3 1/2 weeks to go and have not purchased any yet.
  • I'm training my work replacement therefore access to my computer is limited.
You all have been such loyal readers these past few weeks despite my issues above...please don't desert me now!!! Hang in there for a little while longer. I will then be able to post better outfit pics, baby pics, home decor pics, cooking pics, etc.
In the meantime, maybe I can do a little Q/A. Ask me any question you want, and I will provide answers. Also, please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to post about. I want you to continue being a fan of Quality Rivets during this dull period therefore I will do what it takes to keep you interested.

P.S. Can you believe how big my belly has gotten?? It's not a basketball I swear :)

leather jacket: Le Chateau
denim shirt: Zara
maxi dress: Target
sneakers: Converse hi-tops
knit eternity scarf: Ardene


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14 Responses to “where have u been?”

Marie a la Mode said...

Wow, are you sure you didn't swallow a basketball? ; ) Just kidding, your belly is beautiful! I have some questions but if they're too personal please just ignore them.

1. Was it hard for you to conceive? I'll be in my thirties when I try to have kids which is why I'm wondering ; )

2. Any advice on how to get into fashion buying in Alberta? ; )

3. Favorite clothing store to shop at in Canada? Favorite online store?

K, only one of those questions was personal so that's not too bad!

Armario Low Cost said...

Dios mio que barriguita tienes ya!! aun así te queda preciosa y sabes combinar muy bien toda tu ropa para quedar guapisima siempre!!
Esperamos que todo salga bien y que el bebe sea al menos igual de guapo que la mama

Glamour Bbey. said...

You look great dear! It's not aweful!!!!

Nádia said...

WOW, your belly is looking GLORIOUS!!!

I wish a belly like that!!! :)))

Looking forward for the birth, seems like the other day when you got pregnant! <3 All of us are waiting and wishing you and the baby the best luck! :)


Taylor said...

You look great! I like your skirt. And congrats on not having to buy maternity clothes.

Kristy said...

Seriously, I thought you gave birth and just disappeared! Pheeww.. I'm glad I didn't miss the fun :D And hang in there, lady. 3.5 weeks! THREE AND A HALF MORE WEEKS!!!!:D

1. Do you think I should move to Montreal if I wanted to work in the retail buying industry?
2. What's the most UNCOMFORTABLE pair of shoes you own?
3. Name for the baby!!!! :D


Daisy said...

I thought for SURE you had given birth. you look great!! :)

Alana said...

Looking forward to new pictures and outfits! Hang in there!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

OMG, so big!! I love your cooking/baking recipes. I've tried most of them and they're amazing.

Emy said...

You still look great:) I wouldn't worry about being slightly repetitive, we all are in some ways. Plus it's amazing you are still rocking all of your normal clothes, too bad for the maternity stores:)



Sheree said...

Are you staying home after the baby or will you be going back to work right away?

Lena Antonacci said...

@ Sheree: Maternity leave in Canada or in my province (not sure) is 1 year. I plan on taking advantage of these benefits and enjoying the full year with my son before heading back to work.
But no worries...I will still find time to blog :)

Lena xoxo

Sheree said...

Wow....One year that is awesome! We only get 6 weeks...but I stayed home so that didn't matter. Well I think you are adorable and am glad you will still be blogging. Good luck with the birth, hope it is as easy as mine was- two pushes!!!
You are in for a truly amazing adventure!

Laura said...

I too thought you had the baby! I'm looking forward to signing on and seeing a post about the birth of your baby!

Have you been tempted to buy maternity clothes? The selection is getting pretty good. Forever 21 even has a maternity line!

You look great! I will definitely refer back to your outfits for inspiration if I ever get pregnant!

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