i'm all out of blood


Today was the day I had to take my blood tests to find out if I have gestational diabetes or not, due to my pregnancy. For those who haven't read a previous post, I had to take these tests because my baby is in the 90th percentile for his size and when a baby is that big it could mean that there's a possibility that the mother is diabetic.
Therefore my morning consisted of no breakfast as I had to fast for 12hrs. A blood test at 9:15am. Then followed by a nasty drink which tasted like medicated flat orange crush. Tasted not so bad, seeing as I was starving and thirsty. I had 5-10 minutes to drink the bottle. An hour later, 10:40, another blood test. Keep in mind I still have not eaten anything since 9pm the night before. I'm now cranky, tired, & friggin hungry. But it's not over. Another hour of waiting. (Thank God Andrew was there to keep me company as the waiting room did not have any magazines and stupid me forgot to bring anything remotely entertaining to help pass the time.) Did I mention that I was not allowed to go anywhere during the wait? My ass had to be glued to the seat. Anyway, at 11:40, my last blood test. Done! I can now go to work. I made it there just in time for lunch and let me tell you, I devoured my food as if I hadn't eaten in days.
I really hope the tests come in negative and we're just having a normal healthy big baby boy :) Stay tune for the results.

On another note, I apologize for the pictures. We took them inside with such bad lighting. Today has been dark, gloomy, rainy, & cold. UGH!!! Between the tests and the weather, it's just one of those days where you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed.

denim jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
shirt: Costa Blanca
skirt: H&M
boots: Aldo
bag: gift


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8 Responses to “i'm all out of blood”

Daisy said...

I am crossing my fingers that everythign works out!!!

PS: I have the same jacket. Bought it about 4 years ago?!? Looks great on you :)


Glamour Bbey. said...

You're awesome dear! Seriously, your style is great!

Fancy Pants said...

You might not like the light but you're still looking fly!

My thoughts are with you and you results!


Bianca said...

Despite it all, you look lovely! Here's hoping for the best!


Nina said...

You look amazing. Love that your style is still fabulous during your pregnancy and my prayers are with you and the baby..hope ur tests are all negative and everything is okay.


libys11 said...

such a classy look!!! i really envy your posture and height!!! you stand and carry clothes so well!!

and here's to hoping you are alright and the baby is just a healthy big boy!! :D

Animated Confessions

A.Co said...

What a nightmare with the blood tests... sheeeeesh! I'll BET you were hungry!!!

It's so fantastic you haven't bought any maternity clothes - Amazing! You've been so creative and you should be proud!

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Emy said...

I hope it works out soon! I love your blog and that your still extra fabulous even though your pregnant:)
Great bag btw!


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