cougar in the woods


What a gorgeous Fall weekend we had!!!! Beautiful colored leaves draped the pavement, the sun shone down on us bringing a smile to everyone's face, kids playing in the streets, and us taking advantage by doing a photoshoot in the woods across the way.
These woods have trails that run for miles. These woods, are Duke's home away from home. He romps around there dodging fallen logs and plays around in the mounds of leaves like nobody's business. Can't wait to see him in there once the snow hits :)
And what better way to hike through the woods than with a warm pair of rainboots. About a week ago, perfect timing, I received a package in the mail from Matchstick. You can just imagine the excitement running through my veins when I opened it up and staring at me were two stunning pairs of Cougar Boots. Not only are they appealing to the eye, unlike some other winter boots out there, but they can withstand the harsh winter weather. I was actually wearing these rain boots without socks in 8ºC weather and felt completely comfortable and warm. Just my type of boots. Hassle free, practical, comfy, and it keeps my toes toasty warm. I can't ask for anything more.
Thank you so much to the team over at Cougar for making my winter that much more special.

Denim Shirt: Forever 21
Sweatshirt: Forever 21
Ribbed leggings: Ardene
Black leggings: H&M
Gloves & Scarf: Ardene
Hat: gift from Peru
Boots: Cougar


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15 Responses to “cougar in the woods”

Affair with my Closet said...

Ai que linda!!! Enquanto é outono aí, aqui no Brasil é primavera!!! beijos
Dani e Fla

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

This is such a great outdoorsy outfit! Gorgeous photos :)

XoXO-Kelli K

RaceforProsperity said...

ah i love this post, the pics are beautiful, i'm so feeling fall!

Francesca said...

love ur hat!!

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Kristy said...

Wow, the location for these photos is just so natural and amazing! Was it near your place? You should take more outfit photos here. And I love your Cougar pair! Can you roll up the socks part? They make the boots look so much cuter :) As for me, I got the solid black ones. Yeah, I'm boring :P

ps. I entered the ALDO Dance contest because of you (your post a few days ago) :p

Bianca said...

Such great photos; I love fall photos- but fall's days are numbered.


Marella said...


Daisy said...

The the Canadian Jacket :) Your dog is sooooo cute!!!

Marie a la Mode said...

I love this outfit from head to toe. It's such a chic "Canadian Winter" outfit ; ) And your coat looks so very warm ; ) Great photos and great location, too. And I forgot you were pregnant for a moment lol.
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Anh said...

One good thing about cold weather is that I get to wear that same jacket. Love it and love the look. Thank you so much for your comment btw.


Carola e Chiara said...

what a lovely dog! Love your blog.. we follow you!

libys11 said...

loving the winter gear and outfit!!! :D

great photos, lena! :D

Animated Confessions

Death By Shoe said...

Love the jacket! Gorgeous pictures too! xDanielle

jae said...

ahhh no way! i'm in the cougar x matchstick program too, only my rainboots didn't fit properly, but the program coordinator is going to try to switch them with one of the shorter pairs (ie: the one you have, or the red pair of the same kind). after seeing them on you, i don't know if i can do them any justice O_o here's to hoping! :)

Anonymous said...

Love you outfit,you look really cozy!! Would you take more pictures in the same location when the snow arrives, it looks idyllic!

Loving the layers,I tend to wear thick woolly socks with UGGS with my similiar outfit, as my feet get really cold x

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