I just had to share this with you guys.
My two friends have just started their blog Believe.Commit.Receive. They will be documenting their journey to a leaner, healthier lifestyle by sharing with their readers their goal weight and what they are doing to achieve it.
One of them is a previous fitness model (and you guys will freak out at her before pic, cause I sure did) and the other being a previous McDonalds addict.
These girls are determined to get into shape and I'm now obsessed with watching their progress.


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4 Responses to “believe.commit.receive”

Anonymous said...

Is Agnieszka Polish?

Believe.Commit.Receive said...

Oh my gosh Lena, thank you so much for your post on us, we believe we can do it, I can't wait for my after picture. How are you and the baby?

Lena said...

@ Anonymous: You are correct! Agnieszka is indeed Polish :)

Lena xoxo

Lena said...

@ Believe.Commit.Receive: I know that you guys can do it and I'll be watching :) I will be contacting you guys once I give birth and can start training again for tips on how I can look like Rowaida before!!
Baby and I are doing exceptionally great!!!

Lena xoxo

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