Busted out my shearling hiker boots yesterday for the first time this year. Everytime I try to wear them, I find it so difficult to make an outfit. Why? 
If you guys had these boots in your closet, how would you dress them up?

My belly looks fake in this  I swear to you it's real and kicking/punching like crazy!

parka: H&M / blue cardigan & sweatshirt: Forever 21 / scarf & ribbed leggings: Ardene / boots:


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11 Responses to “shearlings”

Kristy said...

I would wear them exactly like you did in this outfit! Thick leggings, socks, parka, all come together in perfect harmony with the boots :D

I still can't get enough of your bangs. You look fantastic :D

--Sanam-- said...

Loving the look, especially those boots! :D

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Day By Diva

Francesca said...

i love those! i have the same problem w my shearling michael kors boots and mine are knee high. I think the key is using them as a staple and just making them work. not exactly matching!

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Anonymous said...

Your shoes ate to die for!!! really amazing. Love your style, the bangs look great an you :-)

Tugba said...

Love the boots :) Great combo


Jay said...

LOVE those boots :)

and I love how you styled them!

Glamour Bbey. said...

Your heels are awesome! Great look dear

More than Mode said...

When I saw I the picture I thought the same!!! Your belly is growing sooooo fast!!
You look amazing!! ;)

Faith said...

ooooh, i love those boots. while looking at these pictures i thought "where did her belly go?!" in the third one before i realized you were sitting down. LOL

Aliya said...

Hi Lena,

Hope you are doing fine.

You can wear those boots with a skinny and a trench, or to make them classier a mini skirt or dress with thick tights.(all in black).
I think they need to be wear in a simple way because they are already "impressive", they do not need artifice!

Et voilà!

Take care, hope to read you soon.

libys11 said...

not only do i love your shoes, but also your jacket!!!! you're looking so street style urban chic! :D

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