polar bear


I know it's not that cold out yet and that I look like a polar bear, but this vest is just so comfy!! And a plus...it hides my hips which have significantly grown larger. I know I know, stop complaining you're pregnant for crying out loud. But I'm a women and complaining is what we do :)

This is what I feel like:

This is me. C'mon, you know there's a resemblance :)

shirt: Costa Blanca / vest: eBay / leggings: American Apparel / shoes: Aldo / necklace: Ardene


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4 Responses to “polar bear”

A.Co said...

You do pregnancy soo well! I HOPE I'm as stylish as you are when the time comes.

NO, there is no resemblance :P

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Isabel said...

i love your shoes!

Laura said...

Hey! I found you and your blog on chictopia. I love your style and I love to see how you dress your adorable baby bump. You are an inspiration for future pregos!

libys11 said...

i love this ensemble so much!!! that vest is lush!!! you're glowing, lena! :D

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