fur friday!!!


I usually never post outfits on Friday's as I wake up super early to go to the gym and I just pack the most simplest outfits however today was no simple outfit. Should I have spared you guys and not taken any pictures??? Who cares! I like what I'm wearing and I feel comfortable in it...that's all that matters :)
Happy Friday everyone and wish you all a great and hopefully sunny & warm weekend!

faux fur vest: Forever 21 / blouse: Sirens / jeans: Urban Behavior / shoes: Aldo


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5 Responses to “fur friday!!!”

Catanya said...

The photos are wonderful! I love the fur vest so so much!

natasha said...

I love this outfit! the photos are amazing and you can really tell that you love what you're wearing! you look amazing!

libys11 said...

such a rad ensemble! :D

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Sara said...

You're the most stylish expecting mama I've ever seen. You look beautiful :D

NĂ¡dia said...

Lovely fur!

How's everything going on with your baby? Hope all is al-right! :)


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