saturday night


My honey took me out for a birthday supper last night. I gotta admit, my man's got great taste and sure knows how to pick a restaurant. It was the first time that I ate every single last bite from all my servings. We both left content and stuffed to the brim. 
Thanks baby for a wonderful evening!!
First pic of the night and the flash surprised He really had his eyes open and wasn't just pulling a "I'm praying peacefully that my wife likes the place I've chosen" face.

Even my virgin daiquiri was to die for.

My antipasto...arugula salad with prosciutto, figs & parmesan. 

What a clown!! I love him so much :)

I need to tell you all that if there is going to be gnocchi on the menu, you know I'm ordering it. I've had gnocchi all over and as this wasn't my favorite, I definitely give it a 9/10. Potato gnocchi in a four cheese truffle sauce. Just a tad too much truffle oil, hence the 9/10. However, still extremely delicious as I ate the plate clean :)

Of course we can't leave a restaurant without some dessert and boy was this some tasty treat. Profiteroles with chocolate sauce! I was already stuffed like a sausage at this point but who can resist this dish.

No I didn't just eat like a pig, this is actually my 5 month belly

blouse: eBay / jeans: Sirens / boots: Aldo / scarf: Ardene / bag: Gucci

Primo e Secondo
7023 St-Dominique
Montreal, Canada


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16 Responses to “saturday night”

Liv said...

Oooh, new restaurant recommendation! Sold!
You look lovely, Lena, Happy Birthday!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Yum, looks delicious and you and your husband are adorable! Happy Bday! :)

Joy said...

Wow! All the pictures look amazing! And the food looks delicious!When I ever go to Canada I will remember this place!
And I think your baby's gonna look really beautiful with such beautiful parents!

libys11 said...

aaawwww that's so nice!! you make a beautiful couple, really.. :D you're blooming, lena!

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Lela - seaseight said...

You look amazing!
You have an italian taste for your food choice :)

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

You look really pretty in that outfit, your belly is the only part in your body that is growing ;)
Nice place to dinner, nice food, nice partner....
thanks for sharing with us :)

sharonlei said...

Lena, you and your hubby are going to make one beautiful baby boy! REALLY!

Oh and the food looks mouthwatering. nom. nom. nom. I haven't had gnocchi in months! Oh how I miss it. There used to be this little restaurant near my working place that served the best gnocchi ever! But they closed down. :( Boooooooo! I made gnocchi once, and it was pretty good considering I've never made it before. I made a mess in the kitchen, but it was fun!

Hope you're having a great Sunday.

xx Love & Aloha

vicky h. said...

everything looks crazy delicious!! what a fun birthday dinner!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Fashion & DIY said...

You look gorgeous!!!!!

Luxuosamente said...

I lena, I loved your blog and your style!
I'm pregnancy too!!! and if you want to see my blog I will love!

see you soon.

A.Co said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!

THis looks delish and 9/10 for gnocchi, fab!!

You look great and I love how you're still rockin' les heels.

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

happy birthday!! :) the food looks so delicious! and you are absolutely glowing!

jewlz said...

You are definately having the pregnancy's nice to see bloggers that are married and pregnant and all at the same time very stylish.

Dominique said...

Such a lucky woman!

Jesús said...

What were the profiteroles?chocolate or blackberry jam?

Hello My Pretties said...

You look gorgeous. Happy belated birthday!

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