physical ease


Comfortable: applies to anything that encourages serenity, well-being, or complacency as well as physical ease. ~Webster's Dictionary
And these pants provide just that. I feel like I'm in pj's and probably look like it Not having to be constricted in something sexy and tight is great!!

scarf & sunglasses: Ardene / tank & sandals: Sirens / pants: Zara / bangles: Aldo

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12 Responses to “physical ease”

helena said...

I love the first picture ♥

Tugba said...

Love it :) U look great. I'm in love with the trousers. They look very comfy but also very stylish :D

A Shopaholic is loose said...

Lovely blog! And those pants are marvellous!

I´m now following you! ;-D

Hugs from
A Shopaholic is loose... ;0)

libys11 said...

very eclectic chic!! im getting this organic vibe from it, i dont know why.. :D love your sandals!! :D

More than Mode said...



Camblong said...

I love it !!! You are so cute !

Chaucee said...

Cute pants and awesome sandals!

Darmaine Q. said...


Asma said...

I come since a while now and I never left a message.
I have to said that being pregnant it was very difficult for me to dress, but you do it well, you look georgous!
I love the fact that you look like a very simple person, because today it is hard to find a true good blog,I follow very often now, it is refreshing. And you update it so often!
Sorry for my english, I am french.

Take care

Hippypoptimus said...

Hippie loverr!!!!!Abso-fucken-love it! This could be a post to my blog hippypoptimus!

sharonlei said...

Lena, what can't you pull off. If I ever tried a look like this, I'm sure I'd get stares.. well, more like glares. LOL. It just works on you. I love your sandals too!! ;) Hope you and the baby are well.

xx Love & Aloha

Joanna Ladrido said...

love those trousers so much! amazing!


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