i love thursday's


Am I the only one out there that gets extremely excited when Thursday rolls along? JERSEY SHORE baby!!! I am obsessed with this show despite the fact that I am Italian and they make us look raunchy. I know that I'm not like that so it has no effect on me whatsoever...it's hilarious! Gotta love Snooks.
Anyway, my outfit has nothing to do with my post but just thought I'd let everyone know that yes I am a Jersey Shore fan...I'm that anxious for 10pm...lol

blazer: Zara (mens) / pants: Topshop / shoes: Aldo / t-shirt: H&M

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23 Responses to “i love thursday's”

Tugba said...

U look gorgeous :) Love this outfit :) Casual but also chic at the same time :D

I love thursdays too but Fridays more :D LIE INNNNN AND SHOPPING SATURDAYS




Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

GTL baby! Love the Jersey Shore! haha :)

And your outfit is great, as always!


carly. said...

blazer and sweatpants? who knew!! it looks fantastic

libys11 said...

you are looking so classy in this ensemble!!! love love love it! :D

Animated Confessions

Andrea said...

Hey!...I like the Jersey Shore too, you can't help but be entertained by them. I am loving your outfit!


sharonlei said...

I loved Jersey Shore last season, but haven't watched an episode of it this season. :/

Lena, you make sweats look so chic. Seriously!!

xx Love & Aloha

Kristy said...

this is such a cool ensemble!
I love how sophisticated yet casual this outfit looks. Love the different shades of gray and a touch of camel/tan from the wedges :)

I watched a couple of JS episodes from the previous season and I'm sorry to say that I couldn't stand Snooki (still can't!) YOU'RE STILL MY FAVORITE ITALIAN GIRL, THOUGH :D

Glamour Bbey. said...

Stunning! You're beautiful!

Ingibjörg said...

LOVE the shoes, and the jacket looks surprisingly good on you though its male. And I like the glassess too :)

Roya said...

Love the blazer/sweat combo.

vivalablonda said...

OMG your blog is amazing love it!

Chaucee said...

Haha yes jersey short is definitely a high light of the week :D Great outfit by the way!

X'tian Ou said...

im with you on the whoohoo its thursday! haha not because of jersey shore though, it's cause all the parties in my school happen on THURSDAY! anyway, i love the blazer you're wearing and i really enjoying reading your blog! I'm you follower, keep it up:)


Anthea said...

Awesome outfit! You look so good in those sweat pants! Amazing!

Embracing Style

More than Mode said...

I love the shoes, the blazer, the pants,... ALL!!!!
You look grate!!!!!!!


Sarah V. said...

Lovely pics!


Lana said...




Marie Z. said...

I love this comfy and casual, stylish outfit! I, too share your love for Jersey Shore! I'm really not liking Ronnie this season, he's being such a douchebag.

Eleh said...

so casual yet so chic!

Celine said...

You look amazing! So impressed with how you're maintaining your style while pregnant!

em said...

so cute, I like how you rolled your sweats xxo

Hello My Pretties said...

I love your blazer, glasses & your hair up in a bun like that!

Kookie B. said...

i really love your hair tied up! and aren't jersey blazers so comfortable? i love yours!


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