I know many of you are tired of wearing UGGS...I'm not one of those people. I wear mine in winter with just about everything. I'm a snowboarder and I love wearing them to keep warm on the mountain when I'm not riding. And, they're fashionable.
Whooga UGG Boots is currently focused on dispelling the myths surrounding UGG boots but will also be expanding to include guides on comfortable fashion in general. "Fashion in my mind brings so much more to life if it can be therapeutic and healthy. Often comfort and fashion clash and we sacrifice our sanity to fit into the size 6 dress and live with the blisters from new heels" says Naomi Sanders, creator of the site Whooga UGG Boots. I completely agree with her. How many of you have tried to squeeze your feet into a pair of shoes because they didn't have your actual size which in turn left your feet and toes all banged up and you ar now left wearing 5 bandaids per foot? I know I have and the only thing I was thinking was, "they hurt but I still look good!"
Check out her site and she's offering all my readers a $30 credit for the next 2 weeks. At checkout, just enter the discount code 512RIVETS.
Thanks Naomi.

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