About me!


I was tagged by the ever so lovely Kristy over at Monochroma.chic. All I have to do is answer a few questions about myself.

1. What shoe size are you?
I am a true size 6. Small feet, I know!

2. Where do you work?
I work as a fashion Buyer at Canada's premier accesories retailer, Ardene. I shop for a living...I love my job :)

3. Favorite piece of clothing you own?
I don't have a specific piece of clothing but I do have a favorite accessory. My Gucci wave large hobo. If god forbid there were a fire in my closet, that would be the only thing I would risk my life saving.

4. Your favorite blog?
I have so many. Too many interesting girls out there to have favorites.
You can check my blogroll on the left.

5. Do you have any pets?
Do I ever. My 135lb Dogue de Bordeaux, Duke! I'm sure you've all seen his photos in previous posts. His 1st birthday is coming up soon :)

6. How many siblings do you have?
I have one younger sister, Sarah. She's 30 years old, 2 years younger than me. And...her boyfriend just proposed to her over the weekend in NYC. Central park, horse drawn carriage...what a romantic!

7. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I haven't travelled to many places but of the ones I've seen, Italy would be my first pick. I love the food, I love the history, I love the fashion, and the people are just so extremely friendly. (Or was it just because I spoke their language?)

8. What were you doing before this?
Working, which my break is almost up and I gotta get back to it.

9. Your favorite food?
I can live off of Mac&Cheese alone for the rest of my life!!!

10. Do you have a middle name?
Nope. Just Lena.

11. Your favorite websites?
I'm constantly perusing Perez Hilton, Nitrolicious, The Superficial, X17 Online. I just love me some Gossip.

12. Who do you tag?
Sandra at 5 inch and up
Dominique at CaribbeanEco-Living


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4 Responses to “About me!”

vicky h. said...

love it! I heard about this amazing mac 'n cheese place in NYC, I'm going in july and will definitely have a plate for you and the little one :)

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

RaceforProsperity said...

look at you, you sexy mamasita!

Dominique said...

Wow Lena!!!

Tiffany said...

nice blog! your job must be so fun - that's currently what I'm hoping to become in the future as well :)

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