I do my best to post every day however when you have such beautiful weather, very unexpected for April, you try your best to suck it all in just in case it turns on you.
Andrew and I went for supper Friday evening to a Tapas restaurant called NueVo Supperclub. For those who don't know what Tapas is, it's the name of a wide variety of appetizers in Spanish cuisine. 
This menu consists of Spanish, fusion & international cuisine. We ate an array of foods we've never tasted before and they were quite delicious. Andrew's usually not a big fan of tasting new foods, but anything can happen when you complete en entire bottle of wine amongst the two of you.
We had a great time and made a promise to ourselves to try a new restaurant the first Saturday of every month. Hope this promise wasn't the wine

Have a HAPPY EASTER everyone! Hope you all have an eggtastic time :)

Lena xoxo

 Chicken liver mousse. The wine had already kicked in because I'm normally not a fan of liver but this was a surprisingly taste treat.

Black olive tapenade served with croutons. We told ourselves that we have to try this at home. YUM!

 Grilled chicken with corn salsa, & Nuevo green two hearts salad with garlic dressing.

 I had to post a picture of our waitress Cynthia. Incredibly sweet and friendly. She later gave me her business card as she designs clothing and does tailoring. I have 8 weddings this year in which I will need dresses for...she will come in pretty handy! 
I also fell in love with her haircut. I hope one day I get over my fear and chop it off like this. Do you guys think it will look good on me?

Grilled salmon served with some sort of risotto, sauteed vegetables, & filet mignon. 

I always need to finish my meal with dessert therefore we tried their caramel creme brulee. Great choice, I would return to the restaurant just to have this again.

scarf: Ardene / blazer, jeans, & top: Zara / shoes & bracelets: Aldo / bag: Chanel


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18 Responses to “NueVo”

sonal said...

I regret chopping off 10" of my hair the month after I got married. It's slowly growing back but it's almost to my shoulders now. I love and miss long hair so much! Don't do it unless you have seriously put a lot of thought into it :)

Taylor B. @ Auburn Not Red said...

No to that style of haircut on you. I love my hair long and it takes me a year or two to decide to cut it and when I do, I love it!

I like the idea of trying a new restaurant once a month. It's great to try new foods and keep up with what's going on in your town. I hope you are able to stick to it.

And a comment on the photos...I like how the lady in the background seems to be posing like you. hehe

RaceforProsperity said...

love your cream blazer

Glamour Bbey. said...

Fabulous look! The red scarf with this outfit is stunning! & your shoes are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

great look... i've had my eye on those shoes for a while... you may have convinced me to go for it!
happy easter!



Nerdic.. said...

Yummie food and love your shoes!!
x fashionnerdic

Bea said...

WOW! I found this lovely pic of you at Mode Republic, it totally made me wanna see your blog and I must say I love love love it!
I´m totally a follower now!
You have great great shots!!


V. said...

yummy :) I love!!!

Happy easter :) lovely girl !

I follow on bloglovin :)

t said...

Nice look! You are rocking that bag. :)

vicky h. said...

wow, the food looks absolutely amazing! and i love your wonderfully red scarf infront of that brick wall. amazing setting!!!

and i'm all for trying new stuff and hair experiments but i think your hair is beautiful and looks sooo good on you, dont do it!

happy easter!

ps. loving your chanel bag...wish i had one just like it!

sharonlei said...

I think you should give that haircut a try!! I think it would look fab... I'd sport a pixie/short haircut, if my face and bone structed allowed for it, but it doesn't... but I do love my bangs!!! :) Hope you're having a great day Lena... still lovin' your bag oh so much!!

xx Love & Aloha

Oh yes, I have a itty bitty giveaway going on, check it out if you get a chance.

apparellel said...

love these pics! you look so amazing against that red wall!


Anonymous said...

Give the crop a try! At the least it'll satisfy your curiosity. Hair grows back anyway and you can have fun trying new styles all the way if the short hair's not for you.

I recently took the plunge and don't regret it at all x

Kristy said...

YAY for the Chanel's first appearance on the blog :) I love how you used the scarf as a wrap-around. And the color creates a perfect contrast to your white blazer, LOVE IT!:) I'm like Andrew -> not very adventurous when it comes to trying new restaurants. And I have yet to find the best tapas place in the city. The search continues... :)

Rianne said...

you look AMAZING! i love your style

Anonymous said...

oh! this food has a bit of Spanish! amd the red wine is from Spain, did you like it?
Great look Lena!

Mina said...

nice outfit!

Lima said...

Love the outfit...

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