I'm wearing another pair of my new shoes from Aldo...I think everyone should go out and buy them. They're gorgeous and they're extremely comfortable!!! One of my smart purchases.

My props:

  • The glasses are real. I'm blind as a bat and usually wear contacts but figure the glasses looked cool for the shot.
  • Books and pencil, for picture only. I'm not a student but work full time.
  • Telephone is real and I was actually speaking to Andrew who is in NYC on business and called me to wish me a good morning.
  • My pj pants on bed in, those are real...I'm one of those people who doesn't put away their pj's nor make the bed because I will just get into it again at night.

Have a good Friday everyone!

Lena xoxo

blazer: thrifted / t-shirt & jeans: Zara / tank & bag: Ardene / shoes: Aldo 


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13 Responses to “Scholastic”

The Fashion Cloud said...

cute cute cute, I have actually recently brought a pair like these but i went for silver :)

lovely outfit as always <3

Gr├╝bchen said...

Very cute outfits. :)

The Style Revolution said...

Great outfits!

Kristy said...

haha, great explanations about the props:) I'm lusting over your ardene purse <3 and your outfit, definitely a casual (chic) friday ;)

Auburn Not Red said...

You look so adorable, here!

Mariezee said...

Cute outfit! Love the glasses, love the whole casual yet stylish look. Happy Weekend!

KeepSmiling said...

what a nice blog! *_*

libys11 said...

i totally love those oxfords!! :D

Rianna Bethany said...

a really casual but stunning outfit
Rianna Bethany xxxxx

Jen said...

haha i love that first picture of you! great outfit. and i'm definitely one of those messy bed people too. what's the point of making your bed if you're only going to get right back in it in a few hours? haha :)

cla-sib said...

ohh i'm blind like a bat, too. i see nothing without my contacts...haha

you are so personable, great blog, keep it up!

xoxo cla

Josie said...

This is darling -- I LOVE that plaid jacket!
It's my first time on your blog and I love it -- can't wait for more!
xxoo Josie

jen lainy said...

I'm glad to know that i'm not the only one who doesn't make her bed! I feel the same way, like what does it matter, i'm gonna get back into it later. My husband is the bed maker at our house!

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