Sock Surprise


I'm just loving the socks with summer shoes. Only bad thing is that I just realized the lack of ankle socks in my drawers. Ah well, another reason to go to the mall :)

Lena xoxo

cardigan: Value Village / blouse: H&M / jeans: Ardene / shoes: Aldo


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2 Responses to “Sock Surprise”

all about the style said...

Love this combination !

Kristy said...

i remember seeing these aldo wedges way back then!now i regret it why i didnt get them because they look good with (cuffed) pants AND dresses! i remember you wore them with a denim dress and white tights, which inspired me to get a pair of white tights for myself. i love the romantic feeling from the blouse and how you showed a bit of skin (subtle sexiness). and i cant get enough of your new hair style!!gorgeous and effortless! i need to grow out my hair, seriously, hahaha.. :)

ok enough with the long comment :p

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