Long live stockings


Denim shorts in the dead of winter...how cool is that!!! Gotta give it to the brainiacs who invented stockings :)

Lena xoxo

blazer: Sirens / shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch / shorts: Garage / shoes: Aldo / purse: Ardene


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6 Responses to “Long live stockings”

libys11 said...

can't believe you got that purse from ardene!! so pretty!

aaahh!! simple joys of accessory stores like that! :D

Lena said...

@ libys11: of course I bought this bag at Ardene...lol
I'm actually the buyer for Ardene handbags :)

Kristy said...

gorgeous outfit, cant believe that blazer is from Sirens!i love the jean shorts over stockings :) they made this look very dressed up.


RobinTM said...

Love love the outfit! I did not know Ardene carried such cute bags! I am going to have to start checking out that store again!

Ernest B. said...

Amazing look! The entire shot comes together with the mirror and the carpet. The accessories are just the icing and cherry on the cake. A

Taylor B. said...

So casual, yet not!
Love the structuring on the shoulders of the jacket.

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