I just love the look of raglan shirts. This sounds stupid but I always feel cool when I wear them. I always wanted to have spent my 20's in the 70's.
This top, Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion"... dream come true :)

Lena xoxo

top: Forever 21 / jeans: Zara / boots: X2B / bracelets: Ardene / hat: H&M


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4 Responses to “Grunge”

Jess ♡ said...

You take such lovely photos :) I love Aerosmith!! <3 That hat looks awesome on you! xoxo

ru.kurarin said...

yes! another person who likes raglan.

sharonlei said...

Totally rockin the look Lena!!

Love & Aloha,

Kristy said...

yeaaahhh grungy lena, so friggin cool :) gosh, im drooling over your legs! hahaha..creep! :p

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