Drop Crotch


I seriously can't get over my love for these jeans. Purchased at Zara over a month ago and still my favorite pair. The drop crotch, the used denim wash, the knee detail...love, Love, LOVE!!!

Lena xoxo

jeans: Zara / bat-sleeve crop top: Walmart / buckle booties: Aldo / stripe hoodie: H&M / chain spike necklace: Ardene


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2 Responses to “Drop Crotch”

Kristy said...

i can tell that you're loving your new nikon:) im always unlucky when it comes to buying pants from zara. they're always too long! anw, you look super great in those dropcrotch. i remember you wore them with the striped shirt and fur vest (am i right???) and i totally loved that look as well :)


Carol said...

Love your top is great!!

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