I had DIY'd an old pair of shoes a few months ago but did not have my blog up then. I'm wearing them today and decided to post up the pics of the shoes in the making. Sandpaper, car spray paint, thumbtacks, leather/PU swatch, superglue & two similar belts. Voila!

Lena xoxo

Old shoes

Spray paint process (newspaper inside to not paint the interior). Sanded the shoes before in order for paint to stick better as shoes are patent.

Studding process

Superglued leather swatches to create a loop in back of ankle. Cut up 2 belts to create ankle straps.


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14 Responses to “DIY”

creativegirl said...

wow! really resourceful and they look sharp! great job :)

Mrs.Zeus said...


You are so talented!!! Love it!
I've got to try this, but Im so scared of messing up.

sharonlei said...

Awesome Awesome DIY!

I've actually been looking for a wedge bootie, so I could re-create the Jeffrey Campbell Tick Wedge Booties (studded version)...

Love & Aloha,

St├ęphanie said...

Wow, the're much prettier this way!

Mariezee said...

Oh wow, those shoes are amazing! Are you taking orders? ; )

libys11 said...

omg!!! i love your diy!!! i want to do it too!!!! :D so does the car spray paint stick well? do i just get that in canadian tire or something?? waaahh!! i wanna paint my shoes!! hahaha!

Celine said...

Wow, I'm so impressed with your craft skills!

Marie said...

Great idea, love them!!!

Ps. I nominated you for the 'Princess' Award! Check it out.


Lena said...

@ Mrs.Zeus: Me too which is why I used an old pair of shoes that I didn't wear anymore. If I ruined them, who cares :)
Good luck and hope to see your project soon!

@ sharonlei: the tick wedges is where I got my inspiration. Unfortunately it was taking me forever to stud so covering the wedge completely would've killed my

@ Mariezee: you're too funny...thank you so much!!!

@ libys11: so far the paint is sticking. if you look closely you might see that it's cracking but you barely see it. if the shoes were not patent it would stick better. If you're shoes are patent, make sure to sandpaper them as much as possible before applying your paint. I applied about 3-4 coats.
I did buy the spray paint at the Canadian Tire.
Good luck with your DIY and I look forward to seeing it :)

Audrey J. said...

they're better than before.I'm totally going to do this someday. Following!

Anonymous said...

Genious! i really like your outfit too, <3 the pink blaser.

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

I like the DIY. Goodbye Sunny Yellow wedges, hello rockstar.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Excellent job!

Sushi said...

You did such an amazing job with these! Very inspiring x Sushi

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