Distressed Purrs


Distressed denim, platform wedges, animal print...whoa, trend overload.
I just bought a remote control for my camera on eBay for $3. What a difference...no more running around back and forth pressing the timer button. A tripod will be my next purchase :)

Lena xoxo

top: American Apparel / tank: H&M / jeans: Urban Behavior / shoes: eBay


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11 Responses to “Distressed Purrs”

libys11 said...

i don't think it's trend overload at all.. i think it's stylish and you got every item perfectly matched with each other! :D

hmm.. remote, huh? maybe i should find something like that too.. it's been hard setting up the timer and running in our backyard for nice photos! hahaha!

Hana said...

Sorry for my english...I love this look!

The Fashion Cloud said...

Lovely pictures!!
great combination <3
Have a nice we


Jen said...

i love how that american apparel top fits you, it looks so comfortable! :)
and you work these trends so well without overdoing it.

Malu said...

I love your style!
Great blog :D


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Fabi said...

i'm in love with your shoes! really amazing!

Anonymous said...

your husband looks like a younger version of jason statham. lol hes from the transporter

Liv said...

Great outfit!

Anonymous said...

I love how pretty this is! and so comfy

anotherwomanbyrose said...

I have the print leopard t-shirt!!

Glamour Bbey. said...

You have a lovely blog and a great style!


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