Spikes at Louboutin


I just got a peek at a few shoes from Christian Louboutin's Mens & Ladies Spring/Summer 2010 collection...WOW!!!! I just love how the spike details bring the shoes to life. Great DIY project for anyone who has patience and time. I on the other hand, I will pay a visit to my local shoe maker :)  I'm sure I can rummage through my old shoes and find a pair or two that I can spike up.

Lena xoxo
Pictures courtesy of Bagaholicboy

P.S. Picture of me today. It would be so much easier in the mornings if I can just wear jeans to work.


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7 Responses to “Spikes at Louboutin”

Blonde Chicette said...

That outfit looks so comfy. On my I-could-care-less days, I head straight for flannels.

Second pair of heels<3333


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