SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!


My little baby Niky has finally arrived. I played with her yesterday night and this morning but I need a crash course on how to operate these cameras and their functions as it's my first DSLR. If anyone has any tips for me, please pass them on. Anything to help me in taking great shots. A few pictures below were taken with Niky and others were taken with my regular Canon Powershot because I was getting frustrated on not knowing which setting to use.
Isn't my puppy Duke just adorable? We love him like crazy!!

Lena xoxo


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5 Responses to “SHE'S HERE!!!!!!!”

Kristy said...

wow, congrats on your new baby!:D it definitely made a different in your photos! i still love the photo you shot with Canon (i love soft focus), but hey...every blogger is entitled to a good camera, right? too bad I lost mine,haha..back to canon i am!

oh, HI DUKE! :)

Carol said...

I want a baby like yours!!!!
wow it´s great!!!

A and A said...

yay! So happy for you... its the greatest new toy a girl could ask for. infinite options...
Duke is incredibly good looking. Is he aware of this?

xx lots of love,

Lena said...

@ A and A: Duke knows he's good looking and uses it to his advantage...just like his dad (my husband)!! :)

lena xoxo

SomedayNewYorker said...

Great boots. And gorgeous dog.

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