The power of hair


I thought it would be interesting to show you guys the different hair colors I've had throughout my life. I've gone from light to dark...from red to blonde...but the cut has never really changed. I'm still a little bit of a scaredy cat to do something drastically different.
I decided to write this post due to the fact that after almost 5 months, I'm finally meeting with my hairdresser in 2 weeks. She's been away on maternity leave and my hair has never looked worse. I can't wait!
After seeing a few pictures below and my face for some time now, what do you guys suggest I do? What color/cut would look best on me now? (By the way, I had no make up on in the picture with red hair...ugh!, please take that into consideration)
I'd love to hear all your suggestions!

Lena xoxo

P.S. Below my ever so changing hair pictures are pics of my outfit today. Thought I'd be sporty spice for a day :)


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9 Responses to “The power of hair”

Angela said...

you're so beautiful... and you've gourgeous hair!!!!

Sil said...

I really like you as a brunette. By the way, your blog is a great source of inspiration.

Lena said...

@ Angela: thank you so much but my hair will look much better soon :)

@ Sil: I'm glad my blog is an inspiration to people :) And noted on the brunette!!

Angela said...

i give to you an award...

kurarin said...

like your dark hair best (:

Monochromachic said...

o wow, what a transformation u've been through! its so hard to choose which pretty lena is the prettiest!:D i would go for the blondish caramel colored hair with side bangs in your 2nd and 5th pictures :)
but you looked great in all hair styles and colors, i'm so confused now! hahaha... :D
cant wait to see the NEW you!!!

Beth said...

Love your blog! Your blog is my favourite Canadian one I check regularly as I am messaging you from Ottawa!
As for your hair, clearly I am not the first to say this today, I love the dark hair pictures! I think chocolate brown with auburn highlights/streaks would be beautiful!

Lena said...

@ Beth: WOW, I am so glad to hear that you're a fan of my blog. Thank you very much!!!
Thanks for the hair advice and I'll post the end result.

Lena xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your current hair is definitely, definitely the best. The best color and the best cut - in fact, it's one of your best features. The color's perfect, it looks so healthy, and it really complements all of your outfits.

I think my least favorite is the wavy, super-light, bright blond look.

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