Maxi Skirt


So I decided to Fall-ize my Summer wardrobe by trying the Maxi Skirt trend. The skirt is actually a tube dress that I bought at Target this past summer. I've worn it as a skirt in order for it to not seem short due to the fact that I'm wearing heels as opposed to flat sandals which I would normally wear with this dress. I actually love it and can't believe I haven't thought of this earlier. So many tops I can wear this with...I can't wait to play dress up in my closet.
This skirt is actually the only thing making me happy today. Andrew just left on a business trip for 2 weeks.  I'm so depressed! 6 years we're together and I still cry when he leaves :(

Love Lena xoxo
Catherine Holstein

Charles Anastase


Haider Ackerman


Ports 1961

Mary-Kate Olsen

Nicky Hilton
Pictures courtesy of WGSN & Celebrity Fashion Tips

Below is my rendition of the maxi skirt.


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3 Responses to “Maxi Skirt”

Dominique said...

OHHHH, I feel your pain, words don't really help just keep yourself super busy somehow.

Walk The Sand said...

Gorgeous outfit. Love you maxi skirt styling. The Catherine Holstein one is amazing too.

A and A said...

Maxi's are a missed essential... you forget how versatile they are! Every season.
Loove your skirt (and MK's little ensemble is kinda perfect).

xxx Alex and Amy

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