Lindsay - Hot or not?


I just got my eyes on the photo spread of Lindsay Lohan's threesome shoot in Muse Magazine and despite all the controversy out there...I love them! I think she's incredibly sexy and only wish I looked like this at 23 years of age...or even now for that matter. I say if you've got it, flaunt it...GO LOHAN!

Lena xoxo
Pictures courtesy of Nitrolicious.

P.S. Here are pics of my outfit today. Very bland compared to Lindsay's above :(  Montreal has it's very first big snowfall today which began at around 8am this morning. We are expecting 20-30cms of snow...who in the world feels like dressing up??


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6 Responses to “Lindsay - Hot or not?”

Angela said...

love your pants... and your vest!!!

Lindsay - Hot or not? in my opinion she's hot!

VerLuisant said...

Yes, she's hot. and so sadly beautiful!

A and A said...

Lindsay... where to start. First.. I think the girl is beautiful.. hands down stunning. I wish she would just be HONEST ya know? I love the celebrities that admit they love the limelight. Those that can humor themselves. Don't complain about media attention and rumours when you are equally expressing your freedom to push the envelope (as she does in this spread... which I think is phenomenal).

Love your post Lena...!!!
Thanks for the love. Come see us soon. xxx

Karolina said...

Outfit is great.
I don't know why, but she's got it. She's hot.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the type to worship starlets, but Lindsay Lohan's always stood out to me. People are entirely too hard on her these days. I've always thought that she looks fantastic...except perhaps for those times when she's haggard from partying and whatnot.

She is one of my foremost fashion inspirations. I'm not a fan of the Ungaro line she was involved with, but her personal style is innovative and completely underrated. I bookmark photos of her outfits that appeal to me and refer to them when I need inspiration. Her best looks are usually the ones that are very simple, yet strikingly put together. Here are some random favorites of mine:

Lena said...

@ Anonymous: These are some great outfit shots of Lindsay's. Mind you, I've never seen any bad ones. Even when it's bad, it's still good. It's still for some reason well put together and definitely an outfit to copy.

lena xoxo

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