Go Jane!!


Last weekend I had ordered a pair of booties on-line at GOjane. I am beyond OBSESSED with this website. The lovelies came in yesterday and are on my feet today. THEY'RE STUNNING!!! The best part is that they only cost me $37 with shipping included and took only 4 business days to get to me.
The website is updated daily with new and fabulous items. Happy shopping everyone!

Lena xoxo


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12 Responses to “Go Jane!!”

Kristy said...

oh,those red devils are gorgeous,the grommets add the rock and roll vibe. are they comfy though?thats always been my concern with gojane shoes,they look fab but I dont want my feet to suffer from blisters:(

btw, that last post with your 1 leg up -> channeling your inner madonna for LV! you go,girl!:D


Kristy said...

sorry, I meant...last PHOTO! why did i type post? :-S

Lena said...

@ Kristy: They're really comfy!!! I'm not the greatest person to ask though because I wear heels to go shopping all day and don't complain. I think I'm the only bride that actually wore her heels from 8am to 5am the next morning without changing into flats once.

Lena xoxo

ru.kurarin said...

every girl needs a pair of red shoes!

also, i adore your sweater.

Auburn Not Red said...

Yep. Those look great!
I check their website every Friday when I get their e-mail. There are so many pairs of shoes that I want!

Anonymous said...

I love your boots the colour is so beautiful!

Aphrodite said...

the shoes are fab!!! and i was right, the sweater is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marie said...

Those are hot!

Marie xo

My Book Style said...

i love that boots!!



Walk The Sand said...

Oh wow. Awesome.


sharonlei said...

Thos boots are gorgeous on you! And wow.. look at you in that last pic. :) Very bendy. Awesome. :)

LOve & Aloha, Sharon

Zanah said...

Cute shoes and in bold Red... stunning! :) Mon Mode Blog

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