I know there's a lot of people who cringe at the idea of wearing a knock-off...I on the other hand, personally don't give a damn. If it'll aid in keeping my wallet full and my credit card lighter, why not.
I just received the following Sam Edelman Zoe boot knock-offs. Purchased on e-bay for $50 as opposed to $320. These boots have been on my mind for quite some time now however spending that kind of money on footwear is not really on my priority list. To all those that can afford the real deal Balenciaga or Edelman, more power to ya! For me, these will suffice.

Lena xoxo


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11 Responses to “Fakes!”

Anita said...

Love it! what you type or who was the seller on ebay for the shoes? love them

Lena said...

@ Anita: glad you like them :) You can type in the store name "JW Sunday Morning". They have these shoes as well as a few other nice ones.
Hope you get them!!

Lena xoxo

Fashion & DIY said...

i'm so jealous!!! the booots are gorgeous!!!!!

ru.kurarin said...

personally i agree as people who purchase fakes aren't likely to purchase the original and vice versa.

Auburn Not Red said...

If you like the style who cares who made it? Especially when it goes out of style you'll be happy that you only paid $50. That's why knockoff's are created...for people like us!

betz said...

that's so pretty! who care if it's fake??? a $50 shoes will look like a thousand when you wear it.


Jen said...

i definitely agree, nothing wrong with a knock-off. you're all the smarter for saving a ton of money. you look great :)

Kristy said...

wow, those boots look just like the real ones!:D great find, lena! love how you styled them as well with the fur vest. you look so hot, you can melt the snow outside ;)


The CultureCynic said...

LOVE the attitude......Tell em y u mad !!!!

doesn't matter anyway the same people who yarn rubbish about knockoffs are paying 350 for a boot that is actually a knock off for the Balenciagas...i think ppl only have probelm with knockoffs and lookalikes when they cost less which is bloody rubbish when you consider that designers dont give a shit not so much anyway, if they did, every one and their mother will be rocking balenciagas instead of Sam Edlemans..i hate when ppl suddenly get all 'morally superior' about it..but turn around and drop 3 digits for a TopSHop version...fashion dummies.HAHAHAHA.GO ON WIT YOU BAD SELF!!!!

Celine said...

You look fantastic, this whole outfit really works!
Love the touch of lace.

Caylie said...

i totally was contemplating on buying those exact pair but i didn't want to drop $ on something i couldn't find reviews for..

how is the quality? anyways, they look way better on you than on the auction listing. aha..


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