The Braid


Sleek, tousled, french, up-high, down-low, etc. The versatile braid. I've seen a few girls around with it and decided to try it today. My hair is super long, almost down to my butt (as I haven't cut my hair in 5 months - not my choice). Anyway, despite the length of my hair, my braid seemed short and stumpy. My extensions would've definitely come in handy to get the look I was trying to achieve. Will try it again properly when I have more time.
Here are a few braided looks to try out.

Lena xoxo

Pictures courtesy of WGSN

Here is my sloppy rendition of the braid along with my outfit of the day.


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8 Responses to “The Braid”

Dominique said...

Rocking that braid, lovely outfit.

Monochromachic said...

i love this whole look :) a modern take on the victorian look. that blouse is super gorgeous! and i regret not buying those f21 booties when i saw them a couple of months ago:(


Marie said...

You still look really cute! Btw, replied to your comment on my site :)

Amy said...

amazing shoes!
I feel you on the length of braid vs length of hair. Mine is nearly down to my arse as well... yet my braid is always awkward and subpar. My trick is to do it very loosely and pull down while I criss cross. Eh, seems to work well enough.
Amy and Alex

Lena said...

@ Amy: thank you so much for the tip...I will definitely try that next time :)

lena xoxo

Angela said...

love this outfit...and love your braid!

p.s. amazing shoes!

The Queen of Hearts said...

Who designs the shoes that you're wearing? You can't give a close up of such an amazing shoe and not tell!

The girl in the second picture shuts it down in terms of the braid.

I think you did an excellent "real life" rendition.

Lena said...

@ The Queen of Hearts: I purchased the shoes at Forever 21 about 2-3 months ago. You may also buy them here

lena xoxo

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