35 questions, 35 answers


I got tagged again from the lovely Angela however it's a totally different game than yesterday's. As per my title, you're given 35 questions and you need to answer all with 1 word. Let's see how I do!

Rules: Answer with one word to the 35 questions and then nominate 10 others blogger...

1) Where is your phone? desk
2) Your hair? long
3) Your mother? generous
4) Your father? funny
5) Your favourite plate? gnocchi
6) Your dream last night? none
7) Favourite drink? water
8) Your dream? kids

9) What room are you in? office
10) Your hobby? blogs
11) Your fear? heights
12) Missing (no idea what belonged here)
13) Where were you last night? home
14) Something you're not? rich
15) Muffins? banana-nut

16) Wishlist? camera
17) Where did you grow up? laval
18) Last thing you did? e-mail
19) What are you wearing? cardigan
20) Your tv? flat
21) Your animals? puppy
22) Friends? great

23) Your life? amazing
24) Your mood? tired
25) Do you miss someone? grandmother
26) Car? infinity
27) Something you don't wear? lipstick
28) Your favourite shop? H&M
29) Favourite colour? yellow

30) When did you laughed the last time? morning
31) Last time you cried? months
32) Your best friend? gay
33) Place I would go over to over? Rome
34) Facebook? nope
35) Favourite place to eat? Italian

This was harder than I thought. I'm supposed to now tag 10 bloggers but I'd like to know more about everyone who reads my blog. So please to all my fans, send me an e-mail if you wish with all your answers.
Love you all!

Lena xoxo

P.S. My outfit of the day. Not sure if it looks good. I dressed in a hurry this morning :(



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15 Responses to “35 questions, 35 answers”

Carol said...

I like your edges so much!!
This brown is my fav colour for shoes.


Angela said...

i remember this shoes... and are so beautiful!!!! love the way you put together....


all about the style said...

I love your shoes !

Fashion Nicotine said...

Love this outfit. Espescially the shoes & socks, I'd like to know where you got them =D

Lena said...

@ Fashion Nicotine: the socks are from the company I work for, Ardene. We only have stores across Canada. The shoes are from Aldo but from a few seasons ago.
Sorry if I wasn't much help :(

Lena xoxo

~kristie~ said...

loving the wedges!


Dominique said...

Good answers, you look lovely loving the socks over the leggings!!!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

Beautiful wedges Lena!! hope you're well :)

Blonde Chicette said...

Cute cute wedges with socks. Random, but I love your rug!


sharonlei said...

Can I have those shoes? They are so great. :)

Love & Aloha.


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