Wishlist come true!!!!


Andrew is seriously too good to me! I had one item on my wishlist this year, which you can see in an earlier post. A DSLR camera.
Andrew as most of you know works as a buyer for Aldo, hence the 91 pairs of shoes in my closet. His job requires a lot of travelling, so his Aeroplan points accumulate very quickly. I also feel that those points are just as much mine as they are his as I have to suffer to be without him while he's away :)  Anyway, he told me to check out the Aeroplan catalogue to see if there's any cameras for me that I can get with his/our points. Lo and behold there she was...Nikon D3000. Am able to get the camera and still have points left over.

Lena xoxo

P.S. My outfit of the day. Had a whole different outfit planned however when I woke up this morning and saw that it was SNOWING...plans changed. Am happy though because I was able to wear my new boots. I can't believe I bought these at Sirens for only $40. I'm not really a frequent shopper at their stores but walked in to look for a bustier because I figured they'd be the only ones to have that and I walked out with 2 blazers and these boots...no bustier. Great collection, very impressed! Don't expect quality though :)


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5 Responses to “Wishlist come true!!!!”

kurarin said...

love the shirt and the accessories! i'm so jealous of your new camera (:

Monochromachic said...

im so excited for your early christmas gift!:D cant wait to see more hot pictures from you.

picnik + dslr = oh yeah! ;)

Mariezee said...

Lucky girl! (The camera.) That's funny you and your husband are both buyers. My boyfriend and I are both in Purchasing as well ; ) Love the plaid shirt and booties!

all about the style said...

Amazing boots & blouse !

Dominique said...

I am really happy for you Lena, your life is great. You look great, loving the plaid.

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