What's in my bag!


Great idea for a post. An idea that I stole from a fellow blogger, Angela. Here's what's in my bag today:

  • Dentyne chewing gum in spearmint flavor
  • My check book, yes...I still write checks
  • Gucci make-up case that my hubby Andrew bought me
  • Gucci wallet that my hubby gave me one Christmas (I bought myself the handbag to match for my 30th birthday gift to myself)
  • Louis Vuitton key holder case which was given to me as a gift from a friend
  • Marc Jacobs card case, another gift from a friend
  • Roots business card holder
  • Car key
  • Bag is from the company I work for, Ardene

By doing this exercise, not only did I come to the conclusion that I'm actually pretty darn neat for a girl, I have great friends, and Andrew has great taste :)
What's in your bag?

Enjoy your day everyone!
Lena xoxo


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4 Responses to “What's in my bag!”

Angela said...

love these picture....!!!! kiss sweetie!

Taylor Sterling said...

d you on Chictopia and I love this outfit. You have greta style!

Monochromachic said...

you DO have a pretty darn neat purse!and a hubby with good taste!:

btw, can you include that oversized cardi in my ardene gift bag? hahaha :D


Marie said...

I wish my bag was that neat!! THAT's inspiration for me.... :)

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