I was speaking to Kristania from monochromachic and she had never heard of the website called Picnik. I thought everyone in the blogosphere had heard of this site as I am always the last to know about everything. It's the coolest photo editing site around. Amateur photoshop for free!!!!! I find it fun and extremely easy to use. I very quickly became addicted and started tweaking every single picture I had stored in my computer. I've become so obsessed that I'm thinking of upgrading to the premium package for only a mere $24.95/year.
You should all take a look and have some photo fun!!!

Lena xoxo

P.S. Here is my outfit of the day. Channeling the 70's. Andrew said I reminded him of the move Dazed & Confused. Love it :)


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5 Responses to “Picnik”

Sara said...

i also use picnik: it's fantastic!

but since some weeks, it's blocked. pfff.

nice outfit ^^

Monochromachic said...

Dazed&Confused!haha..that's so spot on! i love the wide-leg pants on you,you practically can pull off any types of pants:D and a blondie wearing a blondie?awesome!hehe..i'll play with picnik over the weekend!so excited^^


moded'amour said...

i love thise outfit, perfect jeans!


Jessica said...

omg this is sooo amazing! so 70s, i love high-waisted jeans!! what kind are they/where did you get them??

Lena said...

@ Jessica: I got the high waist denim a while ago at H&M. I love them but I wish they were longer so I can wear them with heels :)

Lena xoxo

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