Well...took a while, but finally got my blog up and running. Granted it's amateurish and unpolished but...I did it! I promise that it will improve as time goes on. 
Anyway, so what could I possibly tell you about me...I'm a 32 year old fashion addict, cliche but true. During the day, I'm a fashion night, my eyes are glued to the computer perusing blogs and what not. It's gotten to the point where I now have a twitch in my right eye from straining.  However, fashion is my life so one healthy eye will suffice.
I live in a cozy home in a peaceful neighborhood with my husband of 1 year Andrew, and our 5 month old puppy Dogue de Bordeaux, Duke.
I love my life and couldn't have asked for anything more.
So there you have it, me in a nutshell. 

Lena xoxo
(Lena is pronounced as Lenna)


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3 Responses to “Introduction”

Anonymous said...

you guys look cure together!

Lena said...

thank you :)

sonal said...

Hi Lena. I just wanted to say I discovered your blog early Thursday morning of last week and then while on a trip away with my husband to Memphis, spent time on my cell phone and lap top reading all of your posts! I love how you put together your outfits, especially that you shop at affordable places such as H&M. I live in a suburb of Illinois and I used to shop at Sirens (wonder if it's the same one) years ago.

Anyways, just getting inspiration to put together an outfit using the classic and basic pieces that I already have in my closet! :)

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