The Fame Monster


The same day that I purchased the 5$ top from Walmart (check out yesterday's post), I also picked up the new Lady Gaga CD, The Fame Monster. I finally completed hearing the first CD last night, as there are two, and I must say that I am not at all impressed. Bad Romance is by far the best track and the others don't come close to being an equally great chart topper. Maybe I have to listen to it a few more times to get used to it and then my opinion will change but for the most part I'm a little disappointed. I remember when I bought her last CD The Fame, I nearly wore it out from listening to it so much which I still do to this day. I loved every song from the moment I heard them. Ah well, maybe she's not the new Madonna like people or Kanye seems to think she is.
Have you guys listened to the Monster yet? What are your opinions?

Lena xoxo

P.S. Here are pictures of today's outfit. I love my MC Hammer pants purchased at H&M a while ago.


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7 Responses to “The Fame Monster”

Monochromachic said...

am i your loyal stalker?i think i am!haha..thanks for the review on gaga's new album:) i'll skip buying the cd and just download the good songs! anw,those harem pants are crraaazzzzyyy! i would never put them on me cus' i have such stubby legs and i'd look stupid in them. BUT YOU LOOK SO AMAZING AND SUPER COOL!i love the color palette, too:) chic as always :D

Angela said...

Oh my God... your pants Lena!!! simply amazing... love everything!!!

Kiss sweetie!

Tzoules said...


all about the style said...

Amazing outfit !!!!
I really like this pans on you !
You're a real inspiration !

I'm following

Lena said...

@ all about the style: you are sooo sweet, thank you for being a fan!!!!

lena xoxo

thehautepursuit said...

Hi darling! Found you on Chictopia. I really adore this outfit. It's perfect!

Jessica said...

i second that, this outfit is perfect! perfect combination of black + pastels, volumes, lengths, textures, everything!! great shoes and pants.. and the sweater ! what can i say, i love it!

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