Am I getting old???


My 9-5 job consists of 6 of those 8 hours sitting at my desk on the computer e-mailing suppliers and confirming samples, etc.
Today on the other hand, I spent 6 of those 8 hours on my feet setting up a newly renovated store for their opening on Friday which is why the casual outfit on a Wednesday. OOOFFFFFFFFF!!! So exhausting. Boxes and boxes of millions of accessories to place on tables and pegs. I am completely beat. I could've done without my regular boxing boot camp class right afterwards :((  What was I thinking. My body will hate me tomorrow!

Lena xoxo


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6 Responses to “Am I getting old???”

kurarin said...

I have a secret love for striped socks.

i think your blog name is fabulous. it reminds of Joseph Conrad (:

Monochromachic said...

i love the color setting in your 2nd picture :) and dear God, you do boot camp class regularly? i'd die! anyways...GREAT OUTFIT! black+white+black combo is always classic and chic :)


Jess ♡ said...

Gosh you're super adorable :) Looooove the socks. Such a lovely colour combo <3!

Phyllis said...

i love your outfit, its so perfect and comfy. and dangg girl - that's discipline, the lazy in me wouldve called it a day and gone home w/ hot cocoa hah

Romy said...

I own an love the AA shiny nylon tricot leggings!
I like the fact that you wore them so casually with the hood!

Sabrina said...

I like this's very look beautiful in the 1st photo

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