Big Mac Pizza - Say What???


I love Big Mac's. I love pizza. Combine the two together and you have one of the most tantalizing meals you'll ever have. A Big Mac Pizza!
I first tasted this a year ago at a local café and instantly fell in love. This past weekend, we organized a pizza party at my place and of course, I had to try and replicate the infamous b-mac pizza for everyone. Score! It was devoured and gone in minutes. The top pizza of the night by far.
The recipe I followed was from Kraft. Easy and delicious :)
  • Ground beef
  • Kraft Thousand island Dressing
  • 1 pizza crust
  • Kraft Pizza Four Cheese Blend
  • Lettuce
  • Pickle slices (optional)
1. Brown ground beef in a skillet.
2. Spread 1/2 cup of dressing on pizza crust.
3. Sprinkle on 1 cup of cheese.
4. Place desired amount of cooked ground beef on top of cheese layer.
5. Cover with another cup of cheese.
6. Bake in oven at 425 degrees F for about 20 minutes or until lightly browned.
7. Shred lettuce and place on pizza with pickle slices.
(I omitted the pickles as I also do with my Big Mac, and I sprinkled some more dressing on pizza before serving.)
Bon Appetit!


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4 Responses to “Big Mac Pizza - Say What???”

Alice Abner said...

Great work! I’m really inspired by it :)

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Catherine Martorana said...

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