Repeat after me: “I deserve a new pair of sunglasses!”
You’re too lazy to put on eye make-up…put on sunglasses.
You partied way too hard the night before and even heavy-duty concealer can’t hide your eye bags and dark circles…put on sunglasses.
It’s an incredibly sunny day…put on sunglasses.
You’re just in one of “those moods” and you want to block out the haters and mask your eye-rolls…put on sunglasses.
You want to check out guys while remaining inconspicuous…put on sunglasses.
Oh yeah, you want to keep your eyes healthy of course…put on sunglasses.
There really is absolutely no reason to not own a few pairs. I legit have a pair in my purse, my car, my closet, my office, my husband’s closet, and I’m sure some are lost in places I wouldn’t even be able to imagine.
So you don’t own a pair…shame on you, where have you been hiding…or you want to buy another, well look no further. FYSHUK has got you covered. They are an international brand who have just launched a trendy sunglass line. They carry unique high quality designs and all sunnies come with lenses that are adaptable to prescription lenses allowing for a harmonious blend of fashion and function.
I am wearing style F-2003-206 in colour Honey Tortoise.


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