You know when I discover something amazing jewelry-related I HAVE to share.
You know me...I'm the "wedding ring and GTFO" kinda gal. The simpler, the better. It's not that I don't love jewelry, I just don't always find something that floats my boat, or ices my cake, or tru---you get it. But then, I found it. The jewelry company that would change the way I accessorize. Original jewelry of UNOde50 has the type of stuff that makes me want to add a little something here and there every single day. And I know a lot of women and men are sensitive to cheaper jewelry so I was really happy to see that these styles are of great quality silver plated, gold plated, some even use authentic Swarovski. See these fashion necklaces for women yourselves.
I was especially taken with their Valentine's Day collection (Heartcrush), a mix of leather and brushed silver pieces all incorporated into arrows and hearts. The type of thing you can see Shakira wearing, or someone edgy that likes suede and leather like Luanna from the ever so cool blog Le Happy (see below inspiration). Although they don't make especially dainty items, you can kind of see their more delicate pieces as being quite substantial. When I'm shopping online, the rule is this: for every 3 pieces of jewelry I get myself, I have to get 1 for my husband. I mean it's only fair right? It's actually not a problem because their men's jewelry is SO nice, and SO manly. But how can you go wrong with handmade pieces, #amirite? The feeling of letting go of mass-produced items that your friend and her mother own is extremely liberating.
I'm now obsessed with pairing all my leather jackets and fringe suede vests with this massive silver jewelry. They go so well together that I just have to wear a plain white tee, some jeans and whatever shoes I wanna wear. I usually switch up my black leather combat boots for stiletto's or a chunky sandal if we're going out later that day. Drinks, anyone?

jewelry: UNOde50

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