Farfetch Monster


I was contacted by the insanely adorable Ayesha from Farfetch asking if I'd like to take part in a contest they have running...#FarfetchMonsterComp. Without even blinking, or thinking it through, I naturally said YES!! MY GOD OF COURSE YES!!! Because, I mean..it's Farfetch people! 
After I managed to contain myself, I read through to see what this challenge entailed. No nudity involved, phew! All I had to do was create a set showcasing a Fendi Monster piece. 
The Fendi Monster is arguably the most stylish and luxurious monster to date with its colorful fur, peekaboo or menacing monstrous eyes, and large fluffy eyebrows. (Sounds a little like me...grrr) It has evolved from its Bag Bug keyrings, to a complete range that includes rucksacks, shoes, jackets, and more. Even the classic Fendi Baguette has been embellished to show off its monstrous side!
So instead of just throwing around some random items in a set, I decided to create an outfit that I would actually wear...in public...with at least one of these "monster" items.
If I were going on a date on October 31st, I'd definitely be rocking this Halloween Chic look :)

Fendi Monster
All items sold on the Farfetch website, links below

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