what to wear - back to school edition


I've said it and I'm sorry but yes...it's that time again...Back to School. eek!
My school days are long gone but I remember those days like they were yesterday. And let me tell you, it wasn't the making new friends part that bothered me, new courses, new schedule, waking up early again, blah blah blah...I was fine with all of that. But, choosing a first day outfit, now that turned a few hairs grey. Blame it on the fashionista in me. Betch!!
Anyway, to help make it a little easy for you guys, I came up with 4 different ensembles to aid in your decision making.
If any of you would like any tips on "what to wear" and "wear to buy", please feel free to contact me. Let me do the thinking process and hard work for you because you already have a tough year ahead of you as it is. 
back to school

sweater: Topshop
skirt: Lucluc
shoes: Michael Kors
bracelets: Zeeberry
iphone case: Casetify
back to school

jeans: Topshop
t-shirt: ifchic
bag: Coach
shoes: Converse
watch: Daniel Wellington

back to school

dress: H&M
jacket: Sportsgirl
boots: Lulu's
hat: Warehouse
bag: The Grand Social
rings: Monsoon

back to school

leggings: River Island
hoodie: Topshop
tank: Topshop
shoes: Nike
bag: Billabong
headphones: Frends
beanie:  Adidas


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2 Responses to “what to wear - back to school edition”

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