striped and bound


3 stripes you' That's right. EVERYONE's in when sporting stripes.
Except you, Patrice. Nobody asked you.
Stripes have been on the rise these past few seasons, straying away from the traditional "sailor" look and getting integrated into pretty much every look possible. Move over, basic tee, hello striped relaxed tee.
With old saying "stripes make you look wide" being tossed out the window, we've clearly proven them (whoever "them" is *cough* PATRICE *cough cough*) WRONG.
As casual as the loose striped tee may be, you can pair it with the ever so popular lace up pointy flats *tips hat "m'lady"* to make it appropriate for work (unless you take your clothes off at work, then more power to ya). The loose tee is usually long enough for leggings, so you can do that, but if it isn't, leggings aren't pants and I can see your camelt--never mind.
What I'm trying to say is, go for a jogger pant if you're not sure about the whole cooch covering ratio.
What I will actually say is, get a striped tee, betch, life is too short. But not short enough to wear leggings as pants. That's just. Ugh.

top: c/o Ardene
pants: old - find similar here
shirt: c/o Ardene (old) - find similar here
shoes: Aldo

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One Response to “striped and bound”

Kristina said...

Amazing look, I fell in love with your shoes!
xo Kristina

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