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Here's the scoop: I still love to play dress up. I'm married, and getting married was one of the best days of my life. Highlight moment? Picking out and wearing my wedding dress. Because I was Heidi Klum for the day and no one could tell me otherwise. When it comes to weddings and proms, getting the perfect dress is like getting half the work done. And it's also an occasion to be OTT (over the top) and do all that glam hair and makeup that goes with fabulous bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, you name it.
I've teamed up with www.rosanovias.ca just in time for glamour's biggest season around the world. Check out the site for just about any type of occasion dresses. No more "what am I going to wear." They've got all the colors, cuts, styles & fabrics you can imagine. You can even have a dress made to measure. And I know many of us always worry about how much money is too much because let’s be honest, how often can you wear a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress, etc. Well fear not, their prices are completely affordable, so you won’t feel bad spending it for a just a few hours. Unless you’re like me and you sleep in your wedding dress because it’s just too perfect to take off :)
Check them out here!

photos c/o Rosanovias


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