time flies when you're in love


As you all know, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and as always, getting a gift for your significant other is one step away from the tacky trap. Yes, yes, chocolates and roses for the lady and whatever the eff for the gentlemen is as common as the sky being blue on a nice day. Why not give something with meaning? Something that really says, time doesn't matter when I'm with you. Watches have been slowly losing their appeal thanks to the next generation of smartphones, having the time display readily available. But watches don't just tell time, they're a fashion statement. That's why I am once again collaborating with Daniel Wellington for this upcoming V-day.
Of any watches I own, Daniel Wellington are by far my favourite. They are big, they are easy to read, and they go with everything. Simple, white faces and preppy, classic straps make these an ultimate go-to for men and ladies. I've got a few DW's under my belt already.

I got you guys a promo code for an awesome discount that is good until February 28th of this year. Just type in "qualityrivets2015" and you're good to go!
The amazing thing about giving a watch as a gift is that when you love the person, it states that time is of the essence and every minute with them counts. And the other amazing thing is if you get them a watch and they break up with you on V-day, give them the watch anyways and tell them they wasted your time! BOO YA!

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