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Here's something everybody has: shades. Big ones, small ones, square ones, white ones...the possibilities are endless! And, if you like to switch it up like me without breaking the bank (we have other activities for that huehuehue) then you have to find a brand that a)suits you b)offers different shapes/sizes/colors and c)aren't the price of your first-born son's soul.
Aaaaaaand that's why there's Polette, the leader of the online optical market. Inexpensive, super fashionable, prescription if needed and sooo versatile! Plus, their website specifically says that the boss will shed his pants if we find cheaper anywhere else. Now that's a kickass commitment.
When selecting a pair of glasses (sun or not), you have to have your feet planted firmly on earth. Aka IDGAF if they're the most stylish thing out there right now, if you look like the Terminator, it ain't gonna fly, white guy. Speaking of flies, if you look like one, that's not an excuse either. Last I checked you're not an Olsen twin (or are you?!) Glasses are meant to fit like a glove and with a variety like Polette has, there is NO excuse!

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