I'm on the hunt for the perfect watch and have been for quite some time. My current time-teller is my I-Phone. While it does the job perfectly well, it just doesn't sit so pretty on my wrist. I'm looking for some arm candy.
I first started looking at Michael Kors. While they're very nice and everyone seems to own and love them, the problem is that...everyone seems to own one. Then there's Marc Jacobs. Very nice as well but again...everyone I know has one.
While away on a recent little getaway to Quebec City, Andrew and I walked into a watch store. There it was, in its glass case, a beautifully simple gold watch by the name of Nixon. Instant attraction. The only problem, it wasn't that popular of a store therefore they only had a matte gold and I'm looking for shiny, so empty handed I left. However it has not left my mind.
I went on the website, which was a big mistake because now I want more than just one. Is it necessary to own more than two watches? Is it weird if I wear multiple at the same time?
Here are my favorites and I'm curious to know how long it'll take before I can actually agree on one...or maybe two....AGGGHH!!!
photos via Nixon

photos via various tumblrs & weheartit


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2 Responses to “NIXON”

marta jeziorowska said...

Check out the Full Bloodied collection from Swatch. I have a gold one & I love it - it's super light, Swatch will polish up any scratches for free for a life time & not every girl has one. It's more popular in Europe but not as much in Canada.

Lena Antonacci said...

@marta jeziorowska: Wow, very nice watch. Will totally look into this. Still haven't bought
Thanks for the recommendation.

Lena xoxo

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