long hair vs short hair - which is sexier?


I have a hairdresser appointment this coming Sunday and yes, I'm still debating cutting my hair into a long bob. Not because I don't think it'll look good but only because I'm not used to it. I find comfort in my hair. Is that weird?
During a conversation I was having with a friend of mine, about my hair course, I mean are there really other more important topics to talk about? Just kidding!! not really Anyway, she said something that resonated with me. "Don't cut your hair short. Long hair is more 'bombshell'."
Is it really? How so?
Is it because longer tresses are the epitome of femininity? Are men not comfortable with their sexuality to find a woman with short attractive? Or are they just jealous because they are follicly challenged.
Looking back at all the paintings of goddesses' etc., they all have long flowy locks, therefore making long hair more traditional. So does chopping it all off make you more in with the modern times? Does it make you appear more confident and powerful which in turn makes most some men feel inferior?
In my opinion, all this doesn't matter. A woman should wear her hair how she wants and the way that makes her feel beautiful. Simple as that!
At the end of the day, it's not the hair that makes the bombshell, it's the bombshell that makes the hair!



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9 Responses to “long hair vs short hair - which is sexier?”

Laura lexo said...

I love shorter one but i can't decide to cut mine


chachamisu said...

Shorter hair looks fresher on most of them but SJP, I like long hair version on her. I think it really depends on your face shape, the way the hair frame your face, etc. I guess you won't know till you try. I struggle to cut mine too but more because of hair loss problem and maintenance.

Naty Ponders

Venoma said...

Long is!

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The Wh0le Story said...

I've never had an attachment to my hair and I often go from mid-back length to above-the-shoulders, haha. I'm rockin' a pixie right now and I'm wondering if I'll ever grow it out again - it's so damn easy.

Helen said...

Lena. You have been talking about cutting your hair for a while now. Deep down you know you want to do it!
I recently went for the chop and I feel amazing and stylish.

My hair will grow back long so I am not worrying. I am enjoying my shorter cut and having fun playing around with it.

My advice to you is cut it mid length if you are afraid to go too short. I think short hair would look amazing on you!

Anonymous said...

LOL I've been having this same internal debate for awhile now. You have great bone structure I think you would look great with a long bob. Im hesitating because many mornings with the kids I still end up throwing my long hair into a messy bun and I feel like a bob would take more maintenance aka actually blow drying/styling it :) Go for it.

yumi said...

i did it and i love it haha. i never ever wanted short hair but once i did it im haaaaappy :) my hair is healthy as never before.
you would look so cool with a long bob,perfect with your easy going,rocking style :) do it!!!

Leah said...

I've been sticking with the longer bob the past few years and love the freedom I have with it. Go for the chop!

Renee May said...

Having short hair is way too underrated. I think everyone should, at least once in their life, have the liberty of having short hair. It's hard to maintain, but there are lots of perks that comes with it, along the lines of a fresh look and a fresher feeling. Hahaha! Anyway, I hope you've decided on whether or not you're going for it, Lena. Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous! :)

Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

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