denim trend - raw edge


A key trend in denim this season is the raw edge or unfinished edges. A very easy DIY. All you need is a pair of jeans or pretty much anything denim and some scissors. No shredding or pulling at the newly cut seam. Just simply wash and wear. They will naturally fray slightly once washed. An updated way of achieving your desired length rather than cuffing.
I guess I can do a little simple DIY tutorial in another post huh?



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3 Responses to “denim trend - raw edge”

S Jones said...

I love the purple thin strappy sandals. Really cute! - Jonesy (

Venoma said...

Great post dear!

Check out my latest posts on Venoma's fashion diary
XoXo Venoma

Gry said...

I love the raw edge on others but when I cut off my jeans it didn't look equally cool on me.
Oh, well, I guess I'm not so cool, then.

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