10 secrets to a successful relationship


Yesterday, Andrew and I celebrated 10 years of togetherness. We've had our ups and like all normal couples, our downs. But our strong passion for each other as individuals and as one, has got us to where we are today. Happy, successful and just as much in love if not more as the first day we met 10 years ago.
Here are 10 secrets to a successful relationship!
1. Enjoy each other, simple as that! We like to just be together. Even if it means that he joins me at the mall to just carry my bags. We love one another’s company in any situation.
2. Marriage comes before children. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean we don’t love our children however husband and wife are the root of the family. If you work, everything works. Get it? So to all those mommy’s that put all their energy on the kids and completely forget about their husbands, I hate to put it to you bluntly, but he’s gonna leave or go find happiness elsewhere. Your spouse was there before the kids and will be there when they move out.
3. Be passionate and supportive of the other person’s personal life whether you enjoy them or not. Andrew loves hockey. He enjoys watching it, he enjoys playing it. He sleeps, breathes, and eats it for breakfast. He has games at 10pm, I am sitting there in the freezing cold arena cheering him on. I love spending money, he sits back and doesn’t look at our bank account.
4. Always remember, and ladies I know this might be difficult for you to comprehend, but you are unfortunately not always right. Listen to one another and ‘sorry’ should not be the most difficult word you have to say. Romance and passion may bring couples together but compromise and respect will keep them there.
5. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. I can’t even begin to tell you how true this is! Don’t be grossed out when he farts and sits there basking in his god awful stench. Men, don’t find her annoying when she asks you which drapes are nice for the master bedroom. You married someone from the opposite gender. That’s what life’s about!
6. Pretend you’re still dating. Go on dates, call him for quickies, flirt with each other, text him just to say I love you. The flame will never burn out.
7. You need to laugh together. Studies actually show that individuals who have a strong sense of humor are less likely to experience burnout and depression and they are more likely to enjoy life in general – including their marriage.
8. Always remember what it is about your partner that made you fall in love with them. Many things will change throughout the course of your marriage but the one thing that will always remain is the reason you fell in love in the first place.
9. I gotta say it because it’s true…have more sex. Over time, regular sex can improve your mood, make you more patient, dam down anger, and lead to a better more contented relationship. It’s also healthy and has all sorts of biological and emotional benefits that should not be ignored.
10. Say ‘I Love You’ often. Anytime, anywhere, no matter what, out of the blue…just say it!
Looking back!!

I still find him attractive even when he makes no sense!!

Our first home.
Our first responsibility.

The couple that works out together, stays together. FYI, I'm not chubby, I was 5 months pregnant :)

Baby #1.

Baby #2.



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3 Responses to “10 secrets to a successful relationship”

Anonymous said...

ohhh...great post!

Laura lexo said...

Great post, I will celebrate 7 years of love with my man soon!


Lena Antonacci said...

@Laura Lexo: Congratulations!!!

Lena xoxo

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