10 beauty myths exposed


Myth #1: You should brush after every meal
If you’ve just had something acidic like an apple or even an acidic drink, brushing straight after will result in erosion of enamel. Wait for around an hour after the meal before brushing the teeth.

Myth #2: You can get rid of cellulite
Cellulite is fat deposited below the surface of the skin that gives an uneven and dimpling look. Luck of the gene pool mostly determines who will and won't get cellulite. It doesn't matter whether you're fat or thin. There is no way to get rid of cellulite completely, even with liposuction. Many creams, massage treatments and other "remedies" are short term at best. Exercise and healthy diet are the best way to reduce the appearance long term, but if you have it, most likely it will always be there to some degree.

Myth #3: For every grey hair you pluck, two will grow back
Plucking a grey hair will not cause an increase in the number of hairs that grow back. While it sounds like a plausible statement, wouldn’t that mean the same would happen for coloured hair? If so, it would be the million dollar cure for hair loss or balding!

Myth #4: You can shrink your pores
It's actually impossible to change the size of pores (you can thank your genes for that), but you can make them look smaller by helping to clear what is clogging and stretching the pore. The most effective products dissolve pore clogging impurities and normalize oil production to reduce the risk of future clogs. When pores are healthy and clear, they surely look smaller.

Myth #5: To take proper care of your skin you need to use a different cream for day time vs night time
This one is sometimes trotted out by cosmetics companies who want you to spend a lot of money on a SPECIAL night cream which has different ingredients that only work on skin at night when actually you don’t need to. They usually state that skin does more repair work at night, so needs more "nourishing" ingredients to assist this nightly renewal process. If that's the case there isn't a shred of research or a list anywhere of what those ingredients should be. Skin is repairing itself and producing skin cells every second of the day, and night. Helping skin do that in as healthy a manner as possible doesn't change based on the time of day. The only difference that you need between your day cream and your night cream is that your day cream should contain a sunscreen. Other than that, a simple moisturiser at night is sufficient for your skin.

Myth #6: If you have oily skin, you shouldn’t use oil-based cleansers
Oily skin types scan labels for “oil-free,” fearing breakouts and clogged pores. However, oil-based cleansers are actually great for oily skin. Contrary to what some make think – they don’t add any oil to your skin – they simply dissolve dirt and oil without stripping with harsh ingredients like soap. The one oil-based ingredient to avoid if you’re breakout prone: mineral oil as it can clog pores.

Myth #7: Shaving will make your hair grow back darker and thicker
Hair that hasn't been cut grows to a point. It's widest at the base and narrowest at the tip. When you shave a hair, you cut it at the base. The widest part then grows out, and the hair appears thicker. But shaving doesn't change the width, density, or color of hair.

Myth #8: Splashing my face with cold water will keep me looking young
It might momentarily firm and freshen your skin, but in the long run it will cause more damage than good. Skin loves being undisturbed and it loves a consistent, moderate temperature. Sharp increases or decreases in temperature can cause permanent damage especially if your skin is fine, thin or fragile or if you do it repetitively.

Myth #9: A tingly sensation means the product is working
A cooling or tingling sensation is your skin telling you it’s being irritated, nothing more. In fact, products that produce this sensation can damage your skin’s healing process, make scarring worse, cause collagen and elastin to break down and increase the growth of bacteria that cause acne.

Myth #10: Drinking water will rehydrate my skin
This is one of the biggest myths out there. Drinking water will no more hydrate your skin than taking a bath would quench your thirst. What keeps skin moist is oil, not water. There is absolutely no medical or scientific proof to suggest that drinking water directly hydrates the skin. Now it is incredibly important for overall health, however don't be fooled into thinking any of those 8 glasses a day go straight to your skin. If you are suffering from dry skin and need a quick fix, reach for a good moisturiser instead of a glass of water. After showering with warm water (showering with hot water will only make the problem worse), apply a good moisturiser onto the skin within 3 minutes. This will not only hydrate the skin but lock in the moisture absorbed from the shower.

Do you have any beauty myths to share?

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